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How many cigarettes did your child smoke today?

Twenty, if it’s a typical winter day and you live in India’s National Capital Region (NCR).

That’s the amount of smoke and dust being inhaled every single day, for about 100 days in the year, by children in NCR, and indeed almost all towns and cities in UP, Bihar and the Indo-Gangetic plains. Even children as young as 10 years old have blackened lungs. Blackened in the same way as the lungs of a person who has been a heavy smoker for ten years.

Here is an interview with Dr Arvind Kumar –

Why are parents across North India silent? Why don’t we see them out in the streets protesting and forcing our government to prioritise this issue above all else?

The apathy of parents is appalling. Why don’t they protest vehemently? Why did they not even bother to make it an important election issue in the recent elections? Is it because of sheer ignorance? Are parents across these cities and towns, even the highly educated lot, actually just as ignorant as an illiterate person or someone with only a primary school education?

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