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Urban educated Indians are a funny species. They say they are health conscious and worry about diet and exercise, but are happy to kill themselves with pollution.

They protect their children from cold, heat, and dirty water, but are happy to stuff their young lungs with dirt, smoke, and dust.

The problem is that, when it comes to air pollution, the average urban Indian is poorly informed, semi educated and semi literate, compared to their counterparts in the developed world. They understand practically nothing about the serious health impact of air pollution.

On bad air days in North Indian towns, you see practically nobody walking around with N95 masks. If similar pollution was in any part of the developed world, you would see practically everybody with a mask. Even in polluted cities in China (which are actually less polluted than North Indian towns), on bad air days you will notice many people in white masks.

Urban Indians must get educated on these matters soon. Way too much damage is being caused by their ignorance and apathy. Unless they wake up, the government will not be forced to treat air pollution as the national emergency it has become.

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