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The FSSAI gets fulls marks for trying hard to fix the food safety issues that exist. Unfortunately, the FSSAI is a toothless tiger, and cannot achieve it’s food safety objectives merely by creating more laws and better guidelines.
While packaged food safety standards upgrades are important, these foods are not the biggest source of food borne illness and death in India.
The unorganised food sector is the biggest problem, and the FSSAI simply does not have the staff strength or budgets to tackle this problem nationwide.
Almost every roadside eatery uses contaminated water for washing dishes and salads, and in chutneys. Practically no roadside eateries take steps to keep food properly covered, serve food with sterile objects, or follow prescribed refrigeration methods for meat and fish.
Contaminated food and water sicken millions every year, and kill hundreds of thousands of people.
I wonder what can be done to sensitise the unorganised food sector and its customers to the dangers of contaminated food.
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