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Product Review: Bagrry’s Chocolate Flavoured Protein Muesli

Summary Feedback: Baggry’s Chocolate Flavoured Protein Muesli is advertised as India’s first protein breakfast. It has a protein content of 20.3 gm per 100 gm serving, which is high for a breakfast cereal. In fact, it is comparable to the protein content in a protein bar. It also has a relatively high fibre content of

FSSAI Compliance Platform Is Unlikely To Improve Food Safety

The FSSAI’s compliance platform will undoubtedly ease things a bit for eateries in routine compliance documentation. However, I am afraid it will do nothing much to improve safety or reduce the corrupt inspector raj. The obnoxious harassment and bribery will continue, and become worse with these universal safety compliance requirements. Corruption and bribery naturally imply


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