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With prosperity and economic growth, Indians are eating much more meat. The future of meat is lab-grown. Lab-grown meat is much more productive, and uses much less land and water. It is also much more environment-friendly.

Look at the history of countries that have become wealthier in the last two centuries. It tells us that people who eat meat are not going to become vegetarians. It is stupid to expect that they will.

As societies become more affluent, they eat more meat, and not less. This is what happened in Europe over 150 years ago, in North America a century ago, and in Japan, Korea and China, in the last couple of decades. 

The same is true of India as well. Here is an Economic Times article that confirms this –

But we know that animal husbandry is causing severe environmental problems. Assured food security for the future means that we must change the way we rear animals and birds for meat.

Rest assured, the future is not meatless. The veggie meat substitutes won’t cut it. Lab-grown meat seems to be the emerging solution that will win. We are less than a decade away from lab-grown meat becoming a readily available and affordable alternative for meat. Here is some more on that by Peter Diamandis –

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