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The celebrity industry has long inspired millions of people towards size zeros, entailing fad diets and weird foods. Weight loss products have flooded the market and have gotten people hooked by using celebrity endorsements and Bollywood and Hollywood connections.

But having these weight loss pills just because a celebrity endorses them may actually harm the health of people more than doing them good. Since many diet pills are not regulated by the food regulator it’s more difficult to determine what their side effects could actually be. These unregulated pills land hundreds of thousands of people every year in the hospital because the pills made them very sick.

Check well before you pop your next weight-loss pill you bought just because your favourite celeb endorsed it; read the food label well and check out the ingredients carefully. Those pills might contain small dosages of the synthetic drug mephedrone (MD) and you could be an involuntary addict.

Party Drugs Used in Weight loss treatment!

In a shocking revelation party drugs were found to be prescribed by several gyms and fitness clinics in Mumbai city. The anti-narcotics cell (ANC) of the Mumbai police is currently keeping an eye on these gyms and fitness clubs or clinics, including many top ones in the city and its suburbs.

These so called fitness clinics and gyms were prescribing the party drugs to alter the appetite of their members so that it results in weight loss for them. ANC Chief Lande says “We are monitoring the situation closely and will take action soon,” not divulging much information as the unit’s controlled operation was at an advanced stage.

Police were searching for a peddler, who allegedly supplied MD to a few bar dancers in south Mumbai and were surprised to know that the bar girls use and abuse the drug as a weight-loss agent as their profession requires them to stay slim.

Clinical psychiatrist Dr Parul Tank said low doses of MD make the user more energetic while altering his appetite. “This is because the drug increases serotonin in the body. Long-term abuse is dangerous,” she said. She added that it was “completely illegal” for slimming trainers to encourage the use of the drug.

foodnetindia urges the food regulator and the central govt to bring in strict regulation on these weight loss pills so that the health of gullible Indians could be saved from harm.


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