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An ever-increasing number of Indian mothers are buying Instant baby foods for their infants and toddlers. There is evidence now that many of these foods are damaging for the baby and, makes the baby a life-long addict to harmful HFSS foods.

We have written earlier about the problems of high sugar drinks, including fruit juices for children. Here is the article on fruit juices. –

We have also written about the problems caused to school-going children by sugar-laden drinks. These brands like Complan, Boost, Bournvita, Horlicks, Pediasure etc. are marketed as health foods for children. –

Here is an article in the Washington Post talking about the problem of baby foods given to infants and toddlers less than 4 years of age. These foods are making addicts out of children. –

Mothers, please read the labels before buying baby food. If it contains sugar, do not give it to your child.

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