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NDTV has published another damaging article, which provides completely incorrect education, and unsafe advice, to parents about child nutrition. The article promotes sugary drinks, which are increasingly seen as being one of the causes for obesity, and even early onset diabetes, in children.

Pediatricians across the country are now seeing an obesity epidemic amongst children. These children are at risk of a host of lifestyle diseases and chronic illness when they become adults. Many of these children are in this state because of (among other things), sugary drinks like Boost, Horlicks, Nesquik, Pediasure, Bournvita, Complan, etc.

Some of these drinks are malt drinks, where it’s not only the sugar, but also the very high glycaemic simple carbohydrates that are a double whammy.

Mothers are advised not to give their children sugary and malt filled supplements like these, and instead opt for zero sugar, zero refined carbohydrate alternatives.

So, no NDTV, these are not healthy substitutes for milk.

Read the NDTV article here:

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