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Patanjali, the multi-billion dollar Ayurvedic empire, owned and run by ‘Baba’ Ramdev, today launched ‘Coronil and Swasari’ touting them as a cure for the novel coronavirus. However, while the organisation claims that clinical trials of the drug were conducted, no results appear to have been published in credible, peer reviewed, medical journals. This is a MASSIVE safety issue! 

It is also an excellent example of why traditional Indian medicine has not received the widespread global acceptance.

At foodnetindia, we have regularly advocated for the need for India’s Ayush ministry to conduct scientific studies on the efficacy of its traditional medicine recommendations, and show whether any of them are useful, and to what degree they are effective. Unless this is done, the Ayurvedic medicine and therapies will never receive global acceptance, and will continue to be viewed as ‘pseudoscience’. Worse, even their safety will be questioned.

As for Patanjali and it’s new drugs, the Government has asked them to stop advertising and to submit the details of the clinical trials that they claim to have conducted. We at foodnetindia appreciate the Government’s prompt action. Patanjali must not be allowed to sell or advertise the drugs till the results of the alleged clinical trials are published and accepted.


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