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Indians are ignorant about the causes and consequences of air pollution.

According to the study referred to at this link (, 90% of Indians in highly polluted cities do not understand the causes or effects of air pollution.

Most do not understand that vehicular pollution is not the major cause. Garbage burning, crop burning and indoor air pollution from kitchen fuels are much larger pollutants.

Most also do not understand that air pollution causes cancer and other such diseases.

They do not understand that air pollution kills more people in India every year than malaria, chikungunya, dengue and typhoid combined. They are afraid of these and take precautions against them, but do not do so for air pollution, and do not hold their elected representatives accountable for the air pollution problem.

They do not understand that there is one in 5 chances that they, or one of the people in their family, will die of a disease caused by air pollution. It could be cancer, which they will fail to attribute to its real cause, air pollution.

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