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sweetenerWith the dual epidemics of obesity and diabetes taking over India and other countries, the blame has been put squarely on sugar to be the cause for it, so the search is still on for the perfect sweetener.
Everybody has at some point of time tried aspartame, saccharin, xylitol and sucrose but they all are still yet to convince us completely of being safe and without any side-effects.
‘Tomorrow’s Food’, has introduced the concept of an African fruit, called the ‘miracle berry’. Derived from a plant called Synsepalum dulcificum, apparently unlike any artificial sugar, it works not by making foods sweeter, but by making them taste sweeter.
These ‘miracle berries’ contain ‘miraculin’ which binds receptors to the tongue, changing their shape which makes sour foods taste sweeter.
More research is needed on this subject to be absolutely sure of its claims. Read the whole article

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