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Sometimes I feel that Swachh Bharat has its priorities wrong

True, it is very important to reduce the ubiquitous litter, reduce the mountians of garbage, and clean up our polluted rivers.

Is it not much more important to clean the water in our taps? Should that not be the highest priority?

Ensuring that the water in our taps is not contaminated with pathogens is a much easier problem to solve too, definitely so in urban India.

Yes, our mountains of garbage and polluted rivers cause disease. But as a threat to public health, they pale in comparison to the disease and death that comes from drinking contaminated water and using contaminated water for oral or kitchen hygiene.

Whether it be children or adults, water borne diseases are probably the single biggest source of disease, malnutrition caused by disease, and mortality in India.

Why is development about factories and roads? Why is it not first about potable water in our taps?

And why is Swachh Bharat only about visible garbage? Are eyesores more important than invisible killers?

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