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Technology is coming to the rescue of humans to fight the new food security challenges we face.

Almost half a million acres of farms were destroyed in the last 6 months in India by locust swarms. While in China, almost 50% of the pig population was decimated by a virus. 

In the first case, we have a company working on pheromones which confuse the mating patterns of the insects and reduce their populations. In the second, we have a new breed of genetically engineered pigs using CRISPR, which grow faster and soon we will have pigs that could be resistant to the virus infection as well.

Dairy and milk production are a related food security issue in India. Most of the milk comes from one or two cows owned by small farmers. A Godrej agritech company has acquired Israeli technology that could bring to India a new breed of cows that produce more milk of higher quality.

There is indeed a lot happening in agriculture technology!


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