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By processed food, I do not mean only the packaged, industrially produced food. Traditional mithais are also processed foods. Mithais are often worse than the packaged foods, as they have an extraordinarily high amount of sugar. 

Artificial sweeteners also have several problems. At foodnetindia, we do not recommend them as superior alternatives to sugar, except for stevia, monk fruit, and polyols (erythritol, sorbitol, xylitol, etc.).

The new approach at this link sounds like a safe solution –
The technology increases the sensitivity of the taste buds to sweetness. It’s done by ensuring that more sugar actually reaches the taste sensors in our mouth. And so, you would find sugar twice as sweet as it actually is!

It’s a very innovative way of attacking the problem. I hope all the soft drink manufacturers and processed food makers switch to this, and, to begin with, at least halve the problem!

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