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Poor governance by the Government of India is the reason for almost all Indians suffering harm from contaminated food, water, and air. Successive governments have failed us, and our current government continues to fail us. 

Our taps do not have drinking water. Contaminated water kills lakhs and sickens crores of people every year in India. 

Pollution afflicts all our rivers and our most important rivers are amongst the most polluted in the world.

I do not need to say much about polluted air and the damage it is causing. That’s the flavour of the day, and the press is full of it. Our air too of course, is the most polluted in the world. Lots of firsts to be proud of.

Food contamination is rampant across the country. Our vegetables, fruit, and grain are contaminated with excessive and illegal amounts of pesticides and fungicides and even growth hormones, as this article in The Hindu says –

Lax and irresponsible governance is the only reason for this state of affairs.

Our Government is happy to spend 10,000 crores to revive a defunct airline, and 60,000 crores to revive a couple of defunct telecom companies. This is considered ‘good governance’. But, our Government does little to curb the pollution of our water, air, and food. 

I am glad that the air pollution has become a politically prominent issue. This will force the Government of India to act.

I am hoping that food and water safety become similarly politicised and force our Government to act, thus redirecting government budgets, money, and resources to clean them up.

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