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The developed world has no concept of a “superior quality” product being reserved for “export” purposes. However, in India, a considerable number of food and pharma exporters have different quality standards for products that are sold versus products exported to the USA or Europe.

In fact, several pharma companies have US FDA inspected and approved factories, which manufacture only for export. The factories that produce for India, unfortunately, are not subject to the same rigorous standards.

Here is some news on an Indian food company’s products being withdrawn in the USA –

May I ask whether Indians have any means of knowing whether this company’s products, that are sold in India, have the same problem? Can the FSSAI certify it? Does the FSSAI have the capability or the courage to take action in this case?

We, “second class” Indians, are the victims, forced to buy and consume products that would not be deemed fit for sale in developed markets.

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