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We hear a lot about the water crisis and the coming water wars. We also hear a lot about climate change.
We do not hear as much about a crisis that is just as big, or possibly even bigger. And that’s the loss of topsoil.
Industrial agriculture, and many other natural processes and human practices, have degraded topsoil worldwide. The loss of topsoil can create a global food crisis.
The degradation of topsoil in the last few decades has already degraded the nutritive value of our grain and vegetables. Our grain and vegetables have much less mineral content and nutrition than they used to in the early 20th century.
Some great technology solutions may change things. Some solutions are new tech, and some are a reintroduction of age-old technologies. These include soil and seed microbiome enhancement using various techniques. It also includes the search for perennial seed plants that can replace our seasonal seed crops.
This and more exciting stuff in this video from the BBC –

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