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The world will feed ten billion people easily. If we can feed our enormous world population today, it is because of technology.
The yields of crops, or of animals reared for food, a century ago, were meagre compared to today. If the same techniques, seeds, and technology were used today, we would not be able to feed even 25% of the population of the world.
Today, however, the world produces enough food to feed its current 7 billion population, and actually, enough to feed up to 10 billion people. Cutting out the waste will take us to a ten billion support system without adding any more production.
The next wave of technology in agriculture will include genetic engineering, more sustainable and less toxic pest control, superior storage and logistics, precision agriculture with drones, sensors, and more.
We have enormous challenges to overcome. Starvation still exists, and nutritional inadequacy is rampant. There are other challenges due to climate change and water scarcity.
However, I believe that we are indeed, on the cusp of an era of plentiful food and nutrition, and this will be made possible by technology.
Here is an article on drones being used effectively for pest control in a manner that was not possible until now –

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