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One of the big and important issues facing us humans is the huge reduction and mass die-offs of bees in several parts of the world.

Honeybees, and bees in general, are extremely important to humans. They pollinate flowers, which in turn creates grain, seeds, fruit, vegetables that we humans and our livestock survive on.

Low bee populations will mean low agricultural yields. Less flowers get pollinated and so less formation of seeds and fruit.

Honeybees are essential for the survival of human society in its current form. Without bees, we will need to figure out alternative ways to generate food for ourselves.

It is suspected, and there is increasing evidence, that some of the pesticides and weed killers used by farmers are causing this mass death and disappearance of bees in many places.

A class of pesticides called neonicotinoids have specifically been linked to declining bee populations.

So we must act. We must find a way to reduce or eliminate the use of these pesticides and weed killers and replace them with safer alternatives that don’t kill the bees.

So far so good.

Now here is what the environmentalists and organic farming enthusiasts are not telling you – Several of the organic pesticides and weed killers used and allowed in organic farming are as toxic, or even more toxic, to bees than the neonicotinoids and their ilk.

Several organic pesticides or insect repellants like diatomaceous earth, pyrethrins, spinosad etc., are highly toxic to bees. Even neem based pesticides may be somewhat harmful to bees.

If we were to replace all the farms in the world with organic farms and if we were to use the organic pesticides and weed killers allowed today, it is possible that the problem of dying bees could get worse.

It is double standards to accept one class of poison and reject the other, simply because of an ideological bias against man made organisms and man made chemicals. That’s not science. That’s dogma.

It is not just that we need safer chemical pesticides and weed killers. We also need safer organic pesticides, organic fungicides and organic weed killers

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