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The Indian Government’s Ayush department is making a COVID 19 recommendation for all Indians. They recommend some “decoctions” to enhance immunity against the Coronavirus.

The Indian Government has had traditional medicine ministries and departments for many decades. Was it not the job of these ministries to conduct studies and establish the effectiveness of these remedies? Should they not be publishing these studies along with their recommendations? If they did so, the world would adopt these therapies. 

Why have the departments failed to establish their recommended therapies as scientific, despite so much time and opportunity over the decades?

We need scientific validation of our ancient traditional medicine therapies. This will ensure that they become more acceptable as effective and safe in India and abroad. Too many people think that they are all mumbo-jumbo pseudo sciences, full of superstition, and likely unsafe as well.  Is it not high time that the Ayush ministry starts dispelling these notions with scientific evidence?

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