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Weikfield Pasta Sporty Energy Cheesy Creamy is pasta  with a cheese flavoured sauce maker inside the pack. .
Weikfield pasta in cheesy cream is high in sugar at 8.4 gm sugar in a 100 gm pack. Consuming food with so much sugar on a regular basis is not advised for people trying to avoid lifestyle and metabolic diseases.
The foodnetindia Safety rating for this product :-
foodnetindia safety rating: 4 (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unsafe to very safe)
This instant pasta pack is high in grain based simple starches  and sugar which are a deadly duo and can cause obesity and a host of lifestyle diseases if eaten in large quantities or frequently
foodnetindia wholesomeness rating: 4 (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unbalanced nutrition profile to excellent nutrition profile)
This food contains milk solids, cheese powder and dehydrated vegetables, which are all wholesome. However, this food is predominantly a high simple starch and sugar product. We do not give this high marks on wholesomeness.
Ingredients of concern in Weikfield Pasta Sporty Energy Cheesy Creamy

High sodium diets have been known to be the cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. The recommended daily intake of salt is between 1-3 grams.
Added Natural, Nature Identical And Artificial Flavouring Substances -Oregano flavor, Cheese Flavour, Milk Flavour, Butter Flavour
This food product does not specify which flavours or flavouring substances have been used. The flavours should be specified as some of them have serious side effects and may not be suitable for infants, pregnant women or people who are allergic. We believe that it is not responsible behaviour for a brand to avoid clearly stating what ingredients have been used.
By not specifying what these flavours and substances are, we are forced to consider what they are hiding and why would they be so reluctant to mention what they have used in the food product!
Other ingredients that are in the product but not a major source of concern in our opinion are:

  • Pasta
  • Durum Wheat Semolina
  • Sauce Maker
  • Milks Solids
  • Wheat Flour
  • Corn Flour
  • Cheese Powder
  • Dehydrated Vegetable: Onion, Garlic, Red chilli
  • Herbs: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Coriander
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Black pepper Powder

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