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A new study has shown that drinking 100% fruit juice may not increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
However, at Foodnetindia we caution readers not to drink a lot of 100% fruit juices and instead eat some whole fruit. That Fructose has a low glycaemic index because it is metabolized in the liver and is not broken down into glucose in the alimentary canal and absorbed into the bloodstream. Excessive Fructose consumption is known to cause metabolic disease including insulin resistance.
More about the study as reported (thee are other studies which have found the opposite to be true) –
The research which was recently published in the Journal of Nutritional Science found that having 100% juice is not associated with an increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and supports a growing body of evidence that it has no significant effect on glycemic control.
A comprehensive data analysis by researchers at Center for Chemical Regulation and Food Safety in the US quantitatively assessed the relationship between drinking 100% juice and blood glucose control.
The study used fasting blood glucose and fasting blood insulin levels as biomarkers for diabetes risk, systematic review and meta-analysis included 18 randomised controlled trials (RCT) to evaluate the impact of 100% juice from fruits, such as apple, berry, citrus, grape, and pomegranate.
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