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Have you ever tried vegetarian meat? I am not talking about meat substitutes, which is a greatly evolved industry already. There are a few startups that are now making meat substitutes that are quite difficult to distinguish from real meat in terms of both taste and texture.
I’m talking about the next big thing; lab grown meat. It’s still too expensive to make, and not yet a commercially viable alternative to meat from slaughtered animals. But that will surely change soon.
Interesting new possibilities and questions arise. This obviously has a huge positive bearing on global food security, protein security, animal cruelty, sustainable farming and more. But it could raise food safety questions as well. I am waiting to see what those may be.
We could also argue endlessly about whether lab grown meat is non vegetarian or vegetarian. Surely not vegan, right? Is it halal/kosher?
Lab grown meat is going to cause some very interesting discussions!
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