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Origin: Red cabbage colour, 163 (v), is a subclass of Anthocyanins (E163 ).
Function & characteristics: Anthocyanins occur in all tissues of higher plants, including leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and fruits. Anthoxanthins are their clear, white to yellow counterparts occurring in plants. .- Adds or restores the colour of a food.
Products: Anthocyanins are natural red, blue or violet plant pigments present in the cell sap of many flowers, fruits and vegetables. They may contain a wide range of compounds including anthocyanin, tartaric acid, tannins, sugars and minerals. Typical products include soft drinks, pickles, soups, dairy products, jelly, fruit desserts, sweets.  Color Anthocyanins is a water soluble pigment obtained from plants by extracting with water and it is a Halal color.
Daily intake:Up to 1 mg/kg body weight
Side effects:Asthmatics should avoid.
Dietary restrictions: None

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