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Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive No Added Sugars contains wheat flour Atta (50.8%), refined palm oil, sweetener IN 965 (i), raising agents IN 503 (ii), IN 450 (i), wheat bran, starch, milk solids, corn flakes (0.7%), wheat flour (0.5%), emulsifiers (IN 471, IN 472e), iodized salt, acidity regulator (IN 296), and cinnamon powder. 

It contains palmolein which is generally a safe oil as unlike most other vegetable oils, palmolein is primarily saturated fat. It does not have too much PUFA, which can get oxidized under heat and is often rendered toxic.

However, a scientific report suggests that current levels of glycerol-based process contaminants found in palm oil are a “potential health concern.” Animal studies have identified these contaminants, which are formed when vegetable oils are heated to high temperatures and then refined, as both genotoxic (damaging to DNA) and carcinogenic (causing cancer). Of all vegetable oils, palm oil was found to have the highest levels of these contaminants. At high levels of exposure, these contaminants are a health hazard for all age groups, the authority concluded, expressing particular concern for infants, toddlers and children under the age of 10.

It contains a high amount of fat at 21.5 gm per 100 gm of the product.

It contains a high salt content at 1 gm per 100 gm of the product. High sodium diets have been known to be the cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. The recommended daily intake of salt is between 1-3 grams.

The foodnetindia rating for this product :-

foodnetindia safety rating: 7 – (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unsafe to very safe)

This product can be eaten as a safe snacking product in small quantities. 

foodnetindia wholesomeness rating : 7 (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unbalanced nutrition profile to excellent nutrition profile)

This product may be sparingly eaten as a part of an otherwise wholesome meal plan.

Ingredients of concern in Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive No Added Sugar

  • Salt
  • Sweetener-IN 965(i)
  • Added Flavour- Artificial flavouring substance- Milk, Vanilla


High sodium diets have been known to be the cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. The recommended daily intake of salt is between 1-3 grams.

Sweetener IN 965(i)

Maltitol is partly absorbed and metabolised as glucose by the body; the remaining fraction is fermented in the large intestine. During fermentation, gases are produced, which may cause bloating and flatulence. In intolerant persons it can act as a laxative. Side effects normally occur after an intake of 25-30 grams in a single dose, which is far above the usage in normal foods.

Added Flavour- Artificial Flavouring- Milk, Vanilla

This product does not specify the chemical names of the flavours used and does not mention the quantity used either. While we understand that the legal labelling requirements allow this practice, we find it irresponsible that brands do not self disclose.  

Some people are allergic to some of these chemicals and others may want to avoid them. Consumers have a right to know and decide.

Other ingredients that are in the product but not a major source of concern in our opinion are:

  • Wheat flour Atta (50.8%) 
  • Refined palm oil 
  • Raising agents IN 503 (ii), IN 450 (i) 
  • Wheat bran 
  • Starch 
  • Milk solids 
  • Corn flakes (0.7%) 
  • Wheat flour (0.5%) 
  • Emulsifiers (IN 471, IN 472e)
  • Acidity regulator (IN 296) 
  • Cinnamon powder

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The ingredients list of the products may have changed since this page was published. Consumers are encouraged to read warnings, labels, ingredient lists, etc.

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