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Sugarlite is a sweetener by Zydus Healthcare.
Its ingredients are sucrose, steviol glycoside and polyvinyl pyrrolidone.
The product is a blend of sugar and stevia glycosides to achieve twice the sweetness  of sugar.
The theory is that people use only half the sugar that they otherwise would, thereby achieving a 50% reduction of calories from Sugar.
We support efforts to reduce sucrose consumption as a food safety enhancement for most people. Especially so when this is achieved without artificial sweeteners.
Steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant are 30 to 320 times sweeter than sucrose. It is reportedly heat-stable, pH-stable, and does not ferment, and also does not induce a glycemic response when ingested since humans cannot metabolize stevia.  It stimulates the insulin secretion through potentiation of the β-cell, preventing high blood glucose after a meal. The acceptable daily intake (ADI) for steviol glycosides, has been established to be 4 mg/kg body weight/day.
The foodnetindia rating for this product :-
Foodnetindia safety rating : 6 -(On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unsafe to very safe)
Sugarlite comprises primarily of sucrose and little else. Sugar doesn’t really nourish your body but only provides empty calories. The American Heart Association recommends that women and men should have not more than 100 and 150 additional calories from sugar every day which translates into 25 and 37.5 grams of sugar per day, respectively.
A person using this product could (in theory) halve their calories from Sugar.
Foodnetindia wholesomeness rating : 1 – (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unbalanced nutrition profile to excellent nutrition profile)
There is nothing wholesome about sugar. It’s just empty calories with no nutrition.  
Ingredients of concern in Sugarlite
Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone
Sucrose is table sugar produced by the sugarcane plant consumed by people all over the world. Sucrose is a disaccharide made up of 50% glucose and 50% fructose which is broken down rapidly into its constituent parts. It has a Glycemic Index of 65 as it contains glucose and fructose.
We all need some sugar in our diets to supply ready energy to fuel our muscles and keep our brains active. The problem is that many processed foods have added sugar which supplies energy in the form of calories – and very little else. This means our body has to draw on the nutrients from the rest of our diet to process it and this can affect our health, including our immunity – leaving us more prone to bugs and colds. A high intake of sugar causes our blood sugar levels to shoot up, giving us that feel-good ‘high’ followed by a crashing slump which leaves us tired, irritable and craving more sugary foods. It’s a vicious cycle that may be contributing to our weight problems as well as health concerns like diabetes and heart disease.
Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), or polyvidone or povidone, is a water-soluble polymer composed from monomer N-vinylpyrrolidone. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it for many uses, it is generally considered safe. But documented cases of allergic reactions to it have been reported, where it has come in contact with autologous serum (internal blood fluids) and mucous membranes.
Other ingredients that are in the product but not a major source of concern in our opinion are:
Steviol Glycosides
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  1. If sugarlite contains sucrose(sugar) then how it is purely 100% stevia based ?? It should say x percentage of sugar and y percentage of stevia. Please provide some details on this.

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