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foodnetindia’s rating has two numbers on a scale of 0 to 10. One for safety, and the other for wholesomeness.
Our safety ratings look at how the product could damage the health and well being of the consumer. The safety ratings apply to not just food products, but also products of daily use that could lead to absorption of toxins into the body.
Our wholesomeness ratings look at how the product could distort the wholesomeness of the overall daily nutrition required for the maintenance of good health.
Our ratings take into account not only the ingredients, but also the way the people in India typically consume the product. We pay special attention to the known consumption patterns of consumers at high risk of damage to health.
We add these consumption patterns to what we know about the diets of high risk consumers. This approach ensures that the rating is of practical use to consumers.
Manufacturers or sellers of products are free to question our ratings, or to dispute them. We will usually publish manufacturer comments “as is”, along with our reviews/ratings.