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For some time now, it has been known that high sugar and high simple carbohydrate diets lead to significantly increased risk of metabolic disease, obesity, NAFLD, hypertension, dislipidemia, heart disease, stroke etc.
It has been suspected (with evidence from some studies) that this also increases the risk of cancer.
Now here is a study that seems to indicate that cancer risk is increased if dietary nutrition is poor. 
It is very important that the common man is made keenly aware of the difference between adequate food and adequate nutrition.
Eating a lot of chapathis or rice with a little dal and potato sabji is food but certainly not a nutritious meal. Eating grain based cereal with lots of sugar in a little milk is again food but clearly not a nutritious meal. The same thing holds for upma, poha, or parathas – none of them are a complete, nutritious, meal.
The meal requires adequate protein. Most people require more omega 3 lipids. Almost everyone needs to eat much more quantity and variety of non starchy vegetables and some fruit. The proportion of simple carbohydrates and sugars in the meal must go down a lot.
We are currently witnessing an epidemic of poor nutrition in the Indian middle class home. It is making adults ill with metabolic disease. It is making children more susceptible to chronic diseases when they grow up.
We need a way to simplify nutrition education and to sensitise people to the consequences of poor nutrition. We require new versions of simple tools that have worked in the past, like the food pyramid photos or share of plate images.
Mother’s especially must understand how damaging it is to their children to eat so much sugar and not enough vegetables.
We urgently need a national revolution in nutrition education