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The dairy development Minister KT Rajendra Balaji accused all the private dairy firms in Tami Nadu of endangering the lives of people in the state by giving them adulterated milk.
This announcement made people go into a frenzy because the private Milk sellers have the lion’s share of 1.25 cr litres out of the 1.5 cr litres in the state. The minister said that the adulterated milk which is sold as private milk is not milk but poison to the people.
In the state’s affidavit, the Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan claimed that 187 milk samples out of 886 samples checked across all districts of the state were ‘sub-standard’ or ‘misbranded’. The affidavit added that ‘sub-standard’ could mean the milk was diluted with water or that vegetable fats were added. ‘Misbranding’ could be labelling mistakes, where ingredients were not mentioned, added the affidavit.
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