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Origin:  Ethyl lauroyl arginate comes in different names – lauramide ethyl ester, lauric arginate ethyl ester, LAE, INS no. 243 and by brand names such as Mirenat. ELA is a synthetic chemical from ethanol, lauric acid and L-arginine. It usually comes in powder form and for this reason it can be quite difficult to apply in food processing. In order to make application easier, many processing companies dilute it with food grade solvents like Glycerol. .
Function & characteristics: Ethyl lauroyl arginate mainly acts to break the membrane of harmful bacteria, fungi and molds. Once this happens, the pathogen’s cells die.
Products: The chemical is not only used as a meat and fish preservative. It is also used in soups, pie fillings, sauces, dips, ketchup, cheese products and non-alcoholic beverages.
Daily intake:Up to 1 mg/kg body weight
Side effects:Although it was banned in the European Union, ethyl lauroyl arginate is classified as generally receognized as safe (GRAS) in the US. New Zealand and Australia also approved the chemical as safe for use as a preservative.
Dietary restrictions: Yes

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