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Curcumins : IN100
Curcumin: IN100(i)
Riboflavin: IN101
Riboflavin, synthetic: IN 101(i)
Riboflavin 5′-phosphate sodium: IN 101(ii)
Riboflavin from Bacillus subtilis: IN 101(iii)
Tantrazine: IN102
Alkanet: IN 103
Quinoline Yellow: IN104
Yellow 2G: IN107
Sunset Yellow: IN110
Carmines: IN 120
Citrus red No. 2: IN 121
Azorubine (Carmoisine):IN 122
Amaranth: IN 123
Ponceau 4R (Cochineal red A):IN 124
Ponceau SX:IN 125
Erythrosine:IN 127
Red 2G:IN 128
Allura red AC:IN 129
Manascorubin:IN 130
Patent blue V:IN 131
Indigotine (Indigo carmine):IN 132
Brilliant blue FCF:IN 133
Chlorophylls :IN 140
Chlorophylls and chlorophyllins, copper complexes:IN 141
Chlorophylls, copper complexes:IN 141(i)
Chlorophyllins, copper complexes, potassium and sodium salts:IN 141(ii)
Green S:IN 142
Fast Green FCF:IN 143
Caramels:IN 150
Caramel I – plain caramel:IN 150a
Caramel II – sulfite caramel:IN 150b
Caramel III – ammonia caramel:IN 150c
Caramel IV – sulfite ammonia caramel:IN 150d
Brilliant black (Black PN):IN 151
Carbon black (Hydrocarbon):IN 152
Vegetable carbon:IN 153
Brown FK:IN 154
Brown HT:IN 155
Carotenes:IN 160a
Carotenes, beta-, synthetic:IN 160a (i)
Carotenes, beta-, vegetable:IN 160a(ii)
Carotenes, beta-, Blakeslea trispora:160a(iii)
Carotenes, beta-, algae:IN 160a(iv)
Annatto extracts:IN 160b
Annatto extracts, bixin-based:IN 160b(i)
Annatto extracts, norbixin-based:IN 160b(ii)
Paprika oleoresin:IN 160c(i)
Paprika extract:IN 160c(ii)
Lycopenes:IN 160d
Lycopene, synthetic:IN 160d(i)
Lycopene, tomato:IN 160d(ii)
Lycopene , Blakeslea trispora:IN 160d(iii)
Carotenal, beta-apo-8’-:IN 160e
Carotenoic acid, ethyl ester, beta-apo-8′-:IN 160f
Flavoxanthin:IN 161a
Luteins:IN 161b
Lutein from Tagetes erecta:IN 161b(i)
Tagetes extract:IN 161b(ii)
Kryptoxanthin:IN 161c
Rubixanthin:IN 161d
Violoxanthin:IN 161e
Rhodoxanthin:IN 161f
Canthaxanthin:IN 161g
Zeaxanthins:IN 161h
Zeaxanthin, synthetic Colour colour:IN 161h(i)
Zeaxanthin-rich extract from Tagetes erecta Colour colour:IN 161h(ii)
Beet red Colour colour:IN 162
Anthocyanins:IN 163
Grape skin:IN 163(ii)
Blackcurrant:IN 163(iii)
Purple corn:IN 163(iv)
Red cabbage:IN 163(v)
Gardenia yellow:IN 164
Gardenia blue:IN 165
Sandalwood:IN 166
Calcium carbonates:IN 170
Calcium carbonate:IN 170(i)
Calcium hydrogen carbonate:IN 170(ii)
Titanium dioxide:IN 171
Iron oxides:IN 172
Iron oxide, black:IN 172(i)
Iron oxide, red:IN 172(ii)
Iron oxide, yellow:IN 172(iii)
Aluminium powder:IN 173
Silver:IN 174
Gold, metallic:IN 175
Lithol rubine BK:IN 180
Tannic acid (Tannins):IN 181
Orchil:IN 182
Sorbic acid:IN 200

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