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The last 100 years has seen a lot of new man made products and materials that are used in human food supply.
Agriculture has seen the influx of pesticides, fungicides, weed killers. Food storage uses fumigants and poisons for rodents and other pests.
We use a whole lot of new materials to store, cook and consume our food. Plastics are a huge new universe of materials which leaches all kinds of stuff into our food. Our food uses colors, flavours, preservatives. We use hormones and antibiotics and more with our livestock. This list is actually much larger.
Many of these things are carcinogenic in isolation. Others are carcinogenic in combination.
Many of these, which almost everyone is exposed to, are almost certainly more carcinogenic than glyphosate or Roundup are said to be.
This is not to say that I think these two are not carcinogenic. I am not taking Monsanto’s stance here. Far from it.
All that I am saying is that glyphosate and Roundup are hogging all the limelight and consumer angst. There are many other culprits which deserve even more attention!
Just the other day, I was looking at the list of 18 class 1 pesticides recently banned by the government. It appears they have not banned the most popular one, and of a list of 66 pesticides banned in many countries, only 18 have been banned in India. These are established, recognised, and labelled as poisons, as compared to glyphosate which is still a grey area. And not a whimper from our press or our people.
Misplaced priorities born of poor knowledge and emotive reactions triggered and sharpened by a cherry picking, sensationalist press.
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