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food safeFood companies are capitalizing on the new food safety awareness in India and are branding their products as ‘adulterant free’ and ‘toxic metal free’, and also working with farmers to procure quality raw material, as a USP to sell their food products.One such food company LT Foods that sells Dawat brand of rice, for example, will market its soon-to-be-launched atta (flour) brand as toxic metal free according to Vivek Chandra, chief executive officer for global branded business at LT Foods.
Big food brands in India like Shakti Bhog Foods, Mother Dairy and Cargill India have started branding their products as safe and chemicals free, or working closely with farmers to ensure quality and safety.
Foodnetindia thinks that it is a great trend that brands are making safety the centrepiece of their product. However, most such initiatives are rarely about holistic safety and merely play up a specific element of safety for marketing purposes. We are however, encouraged that the trend has begun. Read the whole article here