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Natural colour isolated from several plants; however, it is obtained commercially from carrots. Carotenes occur as isomers, consisting of a series of chemically identical, but sterically different components. The actual composition differs between the plant species.
Function & characteristics:
Water-insoluble food colour whose colour ranges from yellow to orange, depending on the solvent used for extraction.
Many different products.
Daily intake:
Up to 5 mg/kg body weight for IN160a (i), whereas none has been determined for the other compounds.
Side effects:
No side effects known in the concentrations used in foods. High concentrations will result in yellow discoloration of the skin. As carotene is a source of vitamin A (2 parts of carotene equal 1 part of vitamin A), high concentrations will cause symptoms of vitamin A toxicity.
Dietary restrictions:
None; IN160a can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.

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