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Summary feedback
Tropicana Apple a beverage from Pepsico is a ready to serve fruit beverage and not ‘Fruit Juice’.
It consists of 7% of concentrated Apple fruit juice and a high amount of added sugar of 12 gm sugar per 100 ml of the drink which is high and unsafe for diabetics and those with lifestyle diseases.

It has an added flavour in it to mask the effects of processing and to give it a flavour profile close to fresh Apple juice.
The foodnetindia rating for this product :-
foodnetindia safety rating : 3 – (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unsafe to very safe)
The product is reconstituted apple juice and has 12 gm of sugar per 100 ml serving, which is very high and unsafe for diabetics, and those with lifestyle diseases.
foodnetindia wholesomeness rating : 4 -(On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unbalanced nutrition profile to excellent nutrition profile)
This product contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body, but it cannot be consumed in large quantities on a daily basis as the high sugar content can cause diabetes and obesity leading to more chronic health conditions.
Ingredients in Tropicana Apple which are a concern:

This beverage contains 12 gm sugar per 100 ml. The product does not specify which sugar has been used. This is important because different sugars have different metabolic effects. For example, Sucrose (Cane Sugar) is very different from Fructose (Fruit Sugar). Some foods use high fructose corn syrup which may be harmful in much lower quantities than sucrose.  We believe that it is not responsible behaviour for a brand to not clearly state what ingredients have been used.
Added Flavour
This food product does not specify which flavours or flavouring substances have been used. The flavours should be specified as some of them have serious side effects and may not be suitable for infants, pregnant women or people who are allergic. We believe that it is not responsible behaviour for a brand to avoid clearly stating what ingredients have been used.
By not specifying what these flavours and substances are, we are forced to consider what they are hiding and why would they be so reluctant to mention what they have used in the food product!
IN 296
Malic acid is a natural acid present in most fruits and many vegetables. Commercially made by chemical synthesis. It is part of the metabolic pathway of every living cell.
Used as acid, flavour compound and colour stabilizer in apple and grapejuice.
No side effects known. High concentrations are not permitted in infant food, as small children lack the capacity to metabolise large amounts of malic acid.
IN 160 a (i)-Carotenes beta
Natural colour isolated from several plants; however, it is obtained commercially from carrots. Carotenes occur as isomers, consisting of a series of chemically identical, but sterically different components. The actual composition differs between the plant species.
Water-insoluble food colour whose colour ranges from yellow to orange, depending on the solvent used for extraction.
No side effects known in the concentrations used in foods. High concentrations will result in yellow discoloration of the skin. As carotene is a source of vitamin A (2 parts of carotene equal 1 part of vitamin A), high concentrations may cause symptoms of vitamin A toxicity.
Ingredients present in Tropicana Apple which are not a concern

  • Water
  • Concentrated Apple Juice

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