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Despite overwhelming evidence that a low carbohydrate diet brings sugar under control, our doctors do not recommend it clearly for prediabeties, hypertension and obesity control. These people who need help are being prescribed medication and told to reduce fats in their diets and to eat more “whole grain”. This is unsafe and counterproductive!
The evidence is now crystal clear. Low carbohydrate diets are the fastest and surest way to reduce weight and to bring blood sugar under control.I am not making a case for ketogenic diets here. That will be a little too radical and possibly controversial. But is it not common sense now with so much evidence, that the following is what the doctors must advise: Eat lots of non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds, adequate protein. Avoid grain, potatoes and sugary/sweet stuff.
All doctors in India must get these guidelines from the medical bodies. The doctors must start recommending low carb diets as the first level of intervention for people with hypertension, prediabetes or obesity and at risk of metabolic syndrome.
Here is a link to the article titled “PURE Study Has No Clear Definition Of Carbohydrates”. I wrote this after seeing this article: