Maggi Hot Heads Peri Peri Noodles









Noodles : Wheat flour,

Palm Oil,

Wheat Gluten,


Thickeners (508 & 412),

Acidity regulator (500(i) & 501 (i)) and Humectant (451(i)).

Peri Peri TasteMaker : Mixed Spices [(39.1%) of Which (Red Chilli (30.6%),

Garlic (26%),

Onion (22.1%),

Ginger (10.9%),

Black Pepper (5.1%),

Capsicum Extract,

Coriander Extract And Cumin Extract)]

Noodles Powder ( Wheat Flour,

Palm Oil,


Wheat Gluten ,

Stabilizer (170(i)),,

Thickeners (508 & 412),

Acidity Regulator (500 & 501(i)) And Humectant (445(i)),



Dehydrated Tomato Paste Solids [(7.9%) Of Which ( tomato Paste (98.5%),

Anticaking Agent (551) and salt )],

Edible starch,

Edible vegetable Oil (Palm Oil & Corn oil ),

Flavour enhancer (635) and acidity Regulator (330)

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