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fastfoodWith childhood obesity gaining epic proportions in India and abroad, it has a lot to do with what the overweight kids and teenagers are eating?
Researchers at Duke National University of Singapore studied the link between the types of food associated with overweight and obese children. Using the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, which recorded the diets and body mass index (BMI) of nearly 4,500 children in England in the 1990s, they tracked what the kids ate and what happened to their bodies over the course of three years. They found strong evidence that certain food may cause harm for example, the kids regularly snacking on potato chips tended to gain the most weight.
French fries, fried chicken and fish, processed meats, and butter performed poorly, too. Also those food with added sugar like desserts, sweets and sugary drinks. And refined grains, like bleached flour, which are found in most processed foods.
Foodnetindia believes that poor food choices have become a significant food safety issue for children and adults alike. In our opinion, the biggest culprits are sugars and simple starches from excessive consumption of grains and potatoes. Read the whole article here