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Nepal’s authorities’ order Patanjali to recall six of its products

          Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration have asked Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda to immediately recall six medical products as it was found to be of “substandard quality”. The administration in a notice said that six products

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TERI Policy Brief Cites foodnetindia Article!

The Energy and Resources Institute’s policy brief, which deals with the importance of integrated management of food, water and energy in urban India cites foodnetindia’s article on the relationship between food wastage and lack of food security. Click here to

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Product Review: Del Monte Schezwan Sauce

          Summary feedback Indians liberally eat schezwan sauce with just about anything, be it samosas, burgers, grilled sandwiches and more. There are many brands of schezwan sauce available in India and they are similar in taste and

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The Stench of Perfume

Your favourite fragrance, maybe the one named after your favourite celebrity, may make you feel attractive and powerful but it might be doing more harm than good to you Look at the label on the fragrance bottle, it will simply

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Lead in Shampoos and Lipsticks May Cause Miscarriage

We are concerned about the safety of food we consume, the ingredients, the additives in it, but we tend to overlook the contamination and toxicity being passed on to us from our personal care products and cosmetics on a daily

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You Can Get Cancer from Your Cosmetics!

Formaldehyde is a known human cancer causing chemical according to data from the US FDA is present in 1 of 5 cosmetic products! The US government and WHO have classified formaldehyde as carcinogenic when inhaled, and it is also a

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Dangerous Chemicals Lurking in Your Eye Make-up

Eye makeup is something every woman loves to apply to look pretty, but it should not be at the cost of your health. There are toxic chemicals lurking in most brands of eye shadows, liners, mascaras, etc., Experts warn that

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Face Creams and Hair Dye Containing Resorcinol May Make You Sick!

Resorcinol is a white crystal-line compound with a weak odour and a bittersweet taste. Resorcinol can be regarded as a phenol derivative. It is used in the manufacture of chemicals like hexylresorcinol, p-amino-salicylic acid, and light screening agents. It is

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DEP: A Harmful Product in Your Perfume

Diethyl phthalate (DEP) is a liquid plasticiser used in manufacturing plastics and maintaining the structural integrity of plastics. It is used as a solvent, and a vehicle for fragrance and cosmetic ingredients. It was reported in 1995 as an ingredient

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Your Toothpaste and Soap May be Making You Ill!

Triclosan is a chemical added to consumer products intended to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. It is added to antibacterial soaps, body washes, toothpastes, and some cosmetics products as well as in clothing, kitchenware and many other products. Triclosan is

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