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Food Served on Trains Found to Be Unsafe and Unfit for Consumption

According to the annual audit report by India’s Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), it was found that food was contaminated and the packaged food and bottled items were had past the expiry date. It further added that the food was

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Lok Sabha Members Raise Concerns About Plastic Rice, Eggs and Sugar

Concerns were raised in the Lok Sabha over reports that plastic eggs, rice and sugar were being sold in the country to which the central government said that till now there was no case detected but the states were on

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Rich Indian Dads Responsible for Kids Gorging on Junk Food

India has the world’s second-highest number of obese children after China at 14.4 million, who are at high risk of childhood obesity related health problems. In a survey of junk-food intake among adolescents in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, researchers found that in homes

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FSSAI to Address Concerns on Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals

India’s food safety watchdog FSSAI will address the concerns raised by the industry on new standards for 8 categories of products, which include health supplements and nutraceuticals.

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10 Ways Sugar is Secretly Hurting You

Nutritionists, health organizations, and health conscious people have, for decades, been using calories, fatty food, and nutrient proportions as being the deciding factors of a healthy diet. However, research has shown us that a healthy diet is actually defined by

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RO Water Vendors Challenge FDA in Court

The RO Chilled Water Manufacturers Association is seeking the judiciary’s help in challenging the Foods and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) action of stopping them from selling their products without Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification.

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MTC Canteens in Chennai Operating Without Licenses

All the canteens maintained by state-owned Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) in Chennai were operating without the required food safety licenses and registration certificates from the concerned authorities. These canteens cater to nearly 24,300 MTC employees including drivers and conductors have

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Delhi’s Craze for ‘Dhuan Dhuan Cocktails’ Using Liquid Nitrogen is Making People Sick

Recently there was an incident in Delhi where a young man landed in hospital with his stomach “open like a book” after drinking a fuming cocktail. Experts say that this must have been due to the use of dangerous liquid

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Mothers to Supervise Mid Day Meals in Goa

The Goa government will rope in mothers of students to supervise the quality and taste of the food served to their children under the Mid-Day Meal scheme. This step has been taken in lieu of the recent incidents of food poisoning through

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The Spices In Your Plate May Be Saw and Brick Dust

Police officials who recently busted food adulteration rings say the gangs are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where food adulteration is rampant. They are adulterating not just milk or cooking oil but costly spices too say officials of National Institute of

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