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Kerala Food Commissioner Bans Wrapping Food in Newspaper

The Commissioner of Food Safety in Kerala has issued an order prohibiting the storage, distribution, and sale of food packed in printed packaging including newspapers. This order says that this kind of wrapping may cause slow poisoning due to the

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RO Water Vendors Challenge FDA in Court

The RO Chilled Water Manufacturers Association is seeking the judiciary’s help in challenging the Foods and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) action of stopping them from selling their products without Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification.

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The FSSAI Plans to Label GM Food

  India’s food safety watchdog FSSAI is planning to label genetically modified (GM) foods, which do not exist in India as of now. This move follows the decision of India’s apex regulator for GM foods, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee

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FSSAI Issues Draft Regulations for Organic Food Sector

In order to ensure the quality of organic food products, the FSSAI has come up with new ways to make sure that these food items are really organic. Organic foods will have to follow the regulations under the National Programme

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Ban the Vanaspati in Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts!

Recently, the Bombay High Court restrained the Amul advertisement depicting the difference between ice-cream and frozen desserts, and said that it actually amounted to slander of goods. This was in response to the complaint filed by Kwality Walls earlier this

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Food Safety Training Now a Must for Hotel and Restaurant Employees

It is mandatory for hotels and restaurants to have at least one person trained in food safety in order to check adulteration in food, according to the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

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Your Frozen Dessert May Not be Healthy!

The controversy about Amul’s real ice cream, which lead them to court, has caused people to start thinking about whether they are eating real ice cream or frozen dessert.

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Government Panel Recommends Ban on Junk Food Ads on TV

The FSSAI has put together a report suggesting a blanket ban on junk food ads on television, to tackle the menace of growing obesity and lifestyle diseases in India.

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Health Ministry Puts Chocolates Under Food Safety Regulations

The Health Ministry has put all chocolates in India under the Food Safety and Standards Regulations, requiring all manufacturers to implement the regulations by January 1, 2018.

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FSSAI Cracking Whip on Meat Shop Owners for Bending Rules

Meat shop owners in UP are reportedly obtaining (FSSAI) registration from common service centres without taking NOCs from civic bodies and police, says the (FSSAI). The FSSAI will conduct a crack down and suspend those operating their meat shop with

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