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Who Will Win the Ice Cream-Frozen Dessert Battle!

This summer, temperatures have been soaring over the ice cream and frozen dessert battle between the dairy major Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation of the Amul brand of ice creams and Hindustan Unilever Limited, owner of the highly successful Kwality

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RO Water Vendors Challenge FDA in Court

The RO Chilled Water Manufacturers Association is seeking the judiciary’s help in challenging the Foods and Drugs Administration’s (FDA) action of stopping them from selling their products without Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification.

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MTC Canteens in Chennai Operating Without Licenses

All the canteens maintained by state-owned Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) in Chennai were operating without the required food safety licenses and registration certificates from the concerned authorities. These canteens cater to nearly 24,300 MTC employees including drivers and conductors have

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Delhi’s Craze for ‘Dhuan Dhuan Cocktails’ Using Liquid Nitrogen is Making People Sick

Recently there was an incident in Delhi where a young man landed in hospital with his stomach “open like a book” after drinking a fuming cocktail. Experts say that this must have been due to the use of dangerous liquid

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Product Review- Parle Bake Smith

          Summary feedback Parle Bake Smith is a popular tea time biscuit in India. While reviewing this product we note that in 55 gm of this biscuit there is 12 gm of sugar and 250 calories

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Fast Food Packaging is Giving You Cancer

Fast food is probably the highest eaten food on the planet today as it is visually appealing and lip-smacking as well, but we all know now how many fast food options are like slow poison for our bodies. It is

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Mothers to Supervise Mid Day Meals in Goa

The Goa government will rope in mothers of students to supervise the quality and taste of the food served to their children under the Mid-Day Meal scheme. This step has been taken in lieu of the recent incidents of food poisoning through

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The FSSAI Plans to Label GM Food

  India’s food safety watchdog FSSAI is planning to label genetically modified (GM) foods, which do not exist in India as of now. This move follows the decision of India’s apex regulator for GM foods, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee

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Product Review: L’Exclusif Selection Smooth and Smokey Coated Cappuccino

                Summary feedback L’Exclusif Selection Smooth and Smokey Coated Cappuccino is a 100 gm jar of chocolate coated cappuccino beans. It has an astounding amount of added sugars at 50 gm in just

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FSSAI Issues Draft Regulations for Organic Food Sector

In order to ensure the quality of organic food products, the FSSAI has come up with new ways to make sure that these food items are really organic. Organic foods will have to follow the regulations under the National Programme

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