FSSAI Wants Hotels to Mention Details of Oil, Fat Used by Them






The FSSAI has proposed that all hotels, restaurants and food outlets will have to mention the source of oil or fat used in cooking the items on their menus.

According to the proposal by FSSAI, “Hotel, restaurant and other food stall shall mark or indicate exclusive desi ghee items to customer and whenever vanaspati or oil or fat is used, shall also be mark (marked) or indicate (indicated) to customer.”

FSSAI seems to want to control the sourcing of raw materials by the hotels, restaurants and eateries as it further added that “The restaurants shall buy food raw materials only from licensed or registered vendors and maintain record thereof.” So far, vendors of vegetable, spices and other raw materials are not required to have licences from FSSAI.

Riyaaz Amlani, president of lobby group National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI), termed the proposed demand as “a fair ask”.

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