Posh Delhi Restaurants Serving Unsafe Food

In a shocking revelation, the Department of Food Safety (DFS) of Delhi found many posh restaurants to be serving “unsafe” and “unhygienic” food. The department officials said that food samples collected from restaurants in Connaught Place which included KFC, Ardor and restaurants belonging to the ITC Maurya in Chanakyapuri, were found to be unsafe and not fit for consumption.

The DFS report said that a sample of chocolate truffle cake was taken from a restaurant in the ITC Maurya, a piece of chicken stripe from KFC ,and a sample of aloo sabzi from Ardor restaurant, in March. Samples were also collected from other eateries in Delhi.

Officials said that the chocolate truffle cake was contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, the aloo sabzi from Ardor was coloured with non permitted oil soluble synthetic colouring matter and the KFC chicken stripe had the anti-caking agent — silicon dioxide.

According to health experts, presence of pathogenic bacteria in food can lead to food poisoning and the presence of the other chemicals in the food samples are worrisome When asked to respond, most of the eateries said that they have challenged the report.

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