Your Frozen Dessert May Not be Healthy!

The controversy about Amul’s real ice cream, which lead them to court, has caused people to start thinking about whether they are eating real ice cream or frozen dessert.

The FSSAI says that ice cream should be prepared by freezing a pasteurised mix prepared from milk and/or products derived from milk. The ingredients permitted in ice cream are sugar, dextrose, fructose, liquid glucose, dried liquid glucose, high maltose corn syrup, maltodextrin, honey, fruit, eggs, coffee, cocoa, ginger nuts, and bakery products.

The difference in frozen desserts is that they don’t have milk, but a pasteurised mix with milk fat and/or vegetable oils and fat, milk or vegetable protein or a combination of both.

Frozen desserts may be the rage all over India and the world but if your ice cream does not contain healthy milk it is not good for you!

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